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* Fees do not include the variable Operation Cost you will have to pay for tools, third party websites (SEO), Google (SEM) and Facebook (SMA).

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Why should you advertise on Facebook?


With more than 2 Billion Users Worldwide, Facebook has the largest number of Social Media Users among all Platforms


Social Media Users



Facebook Statistics


Why should you advertise on Instagram?


Instagram has 1 Billion Users and is the Young’s favorite Platform to receive news about New Products and Promotions


Instagram Statistics

In this Getting Started with Facebook and Instagram Advertising Guide, I will show you how run your first campaign and we’ll go over important aspects of Facebook Ads.

First you need a Facebook Account, then go to facebook.com/adsmanager.

If you don’t have an Ads Manager account, just sign up.



The Tabs we are going to study are Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads.

What is a Campaign?

This is where you choose your Goal. We’ll see what are the available goals in details later.

What is an Ad Set?

This where you choose your Budget, your Audience and the Ad Placement.

What is an Ad?

This is where you create or select your Creative.


A Campaign can contain many Ad Sets.

An Ad Set can contain many Ads.


Let’s say I want to run a Page Likes Campaign, with a daily budget of 50$/day, targeting Lebanon, people age 35-45, and I want to my Ads to appear in Facebook’s News Feed.

To do this, I would create a Campaign “Loewe Page Likes” with Goal = Page Likes.

I would then create an Ad Set under the above Campaign,  name it let’s say “Loewe Page Likes – Lebanon”, set the Budget to 50$/day, Country to Lebanon, Age to 35-45, Placement to Facebook News Feed.

Finally I would create an Ad under the above Ad Set, name it for example “Loewe Page Likes – Loewe Cover”, upload the image and add a Text.


Let’s begin by discussing the different options of Goals under the Campaign level.

If you click in your dashboard the “+ Create” green button, you will see:

You can learn about the different Goals on Facebook’s Support:


This is a summary in Facebook’s words:

Brand Awareness

Increase people’s awareness of your business, brand or service.


Show your ad to as many people as possible in your target audience.


Send people from Facebook to any URL you choose, such as your website’s landing page, a blog post, app etc.


Reach people more likely to engage with your post.

App Installs

Send people to the store where they can download your business’s app.

Video Views

Share videos of your business with people on Facebook most likely to watch it.

Lead Generation

Collect leads for your business.


Connect with people on Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp.


Encourage people to take a specific action on your business’s site, such as having them to add items to a cart, download your app, register for your site, or make a purchase.

Catalog Sales

Show products from your E-commerce store’s catalog to generate sales.

Store Traffic

Promote your brick-and-mortar business locations to people that are nearby.

We will cover 1 Goal in this guide, just to give you a feel of the interface of Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Page Likes

Pro Tip: Always separate Facebook and Instagram Campaigns, i.e. if you’re running an Engagement campaign for example and you want to place your ads on both Facebook and Instagram, then make 2 separate campaigns, one Facebook Engagement campaign and one Instagram Engagement campaign.

Facebook Page Likes

First, from the dashboard, click “+Create” to create a new Campaign and choose Engagement.

Next, scroll down and choose Page Likes.

Now, name your Campaign, I will name mine “FB – Page Likes”, since the Campaign is on Facebook and my Goal is Page Likes

Adopting a clear and structured naming convention is essential in the success of your Facebook Ad Campaigns. Do your best at first, then improve it as you go along.

Next name your Ad Set, I will name mine “FB – Page Likes – Lebanon – 35-45 – News Feed”, you will know why in a second.

Select your Facebook Page (you should already have one).

Now, scroll down to Budget & Schedule.

Choose a Daily or Lifetime Budget, I will choose Daily and set it to 50$ per day.

No need to modify Schedule since by default Start Time is now and there’s no End Time, which is exactly what I want in this example.

Next, scroll down to Locations and Enter your target country, I will target Lebanon in this example.

Select the Age of your Audience, I chose 35-45.

To the right of your screen, Facebook will give you an estimation of the results you will get based on the Budget and Audience you entered.

In my case, Facebook estimates I will get between 102 and 295 Page Likes per day.

Now, scroll down to Placements.

Pro Tip: Facebook selects for your Automatic Placements by default and tells you that it’s the recommended setting with a text explaining why.

You should NEVER select Automatic Placements, always choose Manual Placements. I won’t go into the details of why in this guide.

Next, in my example, I want my Ad to only show in the Facebook News Feed of users.

So deselect everything that Facebook has selected by default, and only keep Facebook News Feed under Feeds. You have to click on the arrow next to Feeds to expand it.

Click Next.

Now, name your Ad, I will name mine “FB – Page Likes – Lebanon – 35-45 – News Feed – Technical SEO Image”.

Next, under Ad Creative –> Media, click on Clear All.

Click Add Media –> Add Image and upload it.

Under Ad Creative –> Primary Text, add your Text.

Et voila, click Publish.

You’ve just created your first Facebook Ads Campaign.

Why do you a need a Strategy?

Running Campaigns without a Strategy is like driving in a new city without GPS, and expecting to reach your destination by luck.

Creating Campaigns is easy, but having a unified Strategy is the essential ingredient for success in Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

A Strategy tells you which Campaigns should be run, when, where and for which Budget. A Strategy sets up KPIs that allow you to measure the success of your investment.

Loewe Digital can help you design, plan and execute a profitable Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy.

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