Loewe Digital offers the following Services:

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • Search Engine Marketing SEM

  • Display Advertising GDN

  • YouTube Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Universal App Campaigns UAC

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What comes under Google Ads?

Google Ads include Google Search Ads (SEM), Google Display Ads (GDN), Youtube Ads and many other types (Shopping Ads, Discovery Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Universal App Campaigns, etc..)

In this page we will focus on Google Search Ads (SEM) as an example. Loewe Digital manages all types of Google Ads.

Designing and implementing a Strategy to use the right mix of Google Ads is crucial and it’s exactly what Loewe Digital does for its clients.


Why should you advertise on Google?

  • Visitors who click on an ad are 50% more likely to buy the product or use the advertised service. (WebFx)
  • Google Ads boosts overall brand awareness by 80%. (WebFx)
  • Over 63,000 search queries are processed by Google every second. (WebFx)
  • Google is a search engine pioneer and holds a 76% search engine market. (WebFx)
  • 73% of the total paid search market belongs to Google. (Media post)
  • 65% of SMEs have PPC campaigns. (WebFx)
  • 46% of all searches go to the first three paid ads in SERP. (WebFx)
  • 35% of users buy a particular product within 5 days of the first search. (EMarketer)
  • 90% of consumers acknowledge that Google Ads influences their purchasing decisions. (clutch)
  • 75% of Google users say that paid advertising makes information gathering faster and easier. (clutch)
  • 66% of buyers admit that they prefer to buy online rather than go to the actual market or store. (Think on Google)
  • 63% of people have clicked on Google Ads at least once in their lives. (HubSpot)
  • 59% of buyers prefer to check their recommendations online before making a purchase. (Think on Google)
  • 58% of millennial buyers buy those that are influenced by Google or social media ads. (clutch)
  • 50% of visitors can’t tell the difference between ad results and organic lists. (WebFx)
  • 49% of visitors admit that they clicked on a text ad. (HubSpot)
  • 47% of people in Generation X bought something after seeing Google Ads. (clutch)
  • 43% of visitors bought something for the first time after seeing Google Ads. (clutch)
  • 41% of users claim to trust online advertising. (clutch)
  • 33% of users click on paid ads simply because they think the ad is related to the search query. (clutch)
  • 22% of the baby boomers brought their products after seeing the right ads on Google. (clutch)

Where do Google Search Ads Show Up?

In the above screenshot, a user searches for “seo agency London”.

The first 4 results are ads as the top left side label “Ad” indicates.

Not only that, but also the last 3 results of this page are ads as well!

So 7 out fo 17 results in this example where ads.

There’s a 40-50% chance that the user will choose one of the 7 ads over the organic (non-ad) results.

That’s a huge opportunity and it happens almost every time someone searches for something on Google.

This guide will help you set up your first working Google Ads Campaign.

But what does it take make a Profitable Google Ads Campaign?

Because remember, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the Profit of your Campaign.

Achieving profitable Google Ads Campaigns requires:

  • Keyword Research: Monthly Search Volumes and Average CPCs (you should know them by heart!) 🙂
  • Keyword Research: Add Keywords from all stages of the buyer’s funnel
  • Keyword Research: Competitive Keyword Analysis, Related Keywords,  
  • Continuous addition of new Keywords based on users Search Terms
  • Daily optimization of Negative Keywords
  • Daily check on high CPC Keywords and bid adjustments.
  • Text Ads AB Testing
  • Call to Action Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization

To get help from Loewe Digital in managing or optimizing your campaigns, visit CONTACT ME.

The Different Types of Google Ads

Click below to learn about the different types of Google Ads:


The Different Types of Google Ads

Getting started with your first Google Ads Search Campaign

To get started with Google Ads, make sure you have a Google account, if you don’t just sign up, then head over to Google and search for “google ads”


Click “Start Now”, next choose “New Google Ads Account”

Next, scroll down the page and choose “Switch to Expert Mode”

Now, choose “Website Traffic” as campaign goal.

Next, select “Search” as Campaign Type

Now, type in your website address.

Next, name your first campaign.

A good practice in Google Ads is to mention the type and location of the campaign in the name.

I named mine in the example: Loewe_SEM_Lebanon.

So I can easily tell from the name that the campaign is a Search campaign targeting people in Lebanon.

Now, UNTICK (deselect):

“Include Google search partners”


“Include Google Display Network”

Next, select the location(s) and language(s).

One important tip here is that you should always select all the languages that are spoken in the country you target.

This is because this is the default language preference of the browser that the user is using. It’s not  necessarily the language of what the user types on Google. So it’s important to cover all possibilities.

In my example for Lebanon, I selected Arabic, English French. Since these are the main languages spoken in Lebanon.

Now, enter the average daily budget you’re willing to spend on the campaign.

Then, keep “Clicks” selected as your Bidding Focus.

Next, name your first Ad Group.

For this small guide, we will only have one Ad Group.

A well organized campaign should have several Ad Groups.

Each Ad Group will be contain a list of keywords.

And each Ad Group will trigger one or more specific Ads that are different  from Ads triggered by other Ad Groups.

To give an example:

Let’s say Loewe Digital has 2 Ad Groups:

Ad Group 1 = “SEO” contains keywords: “seo services”, “seo agency”, etc..

Ad Group 2 = “SEM” has keywords: “sem agency”, “ppc”, “google ads”, etc..

And let’s say we have 2 Ads:

Ad Group 1 –> Ad 1 with Text = “Loewe Digital offers SEO Services etc..”

Ad Group 2 –> Ad 2 with Text = “We are an SEM agency based in Lebanon etc…”

Then, what happens is that Ad 1 can only be triggered by keywords that are in the Ad Group under which is was created, which is Ad Group 1.

So let’s imagine a user searches for “SEO Agency”.

Google Ads checks this Search Term against my keywords and finds a match in my Ad Group 1, so Google Ads shows the associated Ad with this Ad Group, which is Ad 1.

Things get more complicated since it’s recommended to have 3 or more Ad Variations for each Ad Group.

But for simplicity in this guide we will only have 1 Ad Group and 1 Ad.

Designing the structure of your campaign with its different Ad Groups and Ads is essential for a successful campaign.

We will not go through this in this small guide.

Now, let’s go back to naming our first Ad Group.

Next, enter your Keywords for your first Ad Group.

Keywords are the “heartbeat”(1) of your Google Ads Account.

(1): quote by Isaac Rudansky

If you Keywords are not extremely taken care of, you can be sure your Google Ads account is not optimal.

Keyword research is an advanced topic and needs professional tools.

So we will not go into this in this guide.

Now, click on “Switch back to text ads”

Next, write your first Ad.

Writing Ads is an literary art. Often Content Writers take care of this part of SEM. 

The difference of the results you get according the quality of your Ad Text is immense. This is what users see of you, out there, and decide to interact with or not.

We will not go into Ad Text writing in this quick guide.

Make sure to set the Final URL to the page of your website where you want users to be taken to.

Fill the different fields, Google Ads will correct you as you go.

You get a preview to the left side of what your Ad will look like on Google Search.

Finally, fill in your payment info. You won’t be charged for anything yet.

And there you go, you have your first Google Ads Campaign up and running as promised