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Why Pay Expensive Agency Fees Every Month?


At Loewe Digital, we offer very affordable rates that integrate all your Digital Marketing needs from Website Design, to Photography, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Ad Campaigns Creation and Management.


Here are some of the Questions we help you Navigate


Does your Website inspire Trust and is it User Friendly?

You can spend limitless amounts on Ads, but if the User lands on a Website that doesn’t inspire Trust in your Brand, all that money is wasted.

Do your Creatives suggest a High Quality Brand or are they poorly designed and captioned?

The Look and Feel and the Message in your Creatives play a crucial role in the Success of your Ads from CTR to Conversion Rate.

Have you made the right choice of Platforms based on your Industry and Market?


  • Is your Product or Service highly searched?
  • Is your Target Audience Generation X or Millennials?
  • Do you offer B2C or B2B Products or Services?
  • Do you have a Feed or Catalog of Products on your Website?
  • Are you targeting High Net-Worth Individuals?
  • Is Footfall a critical KPI for your Business?
  • Do most of your transactions happen on your App?


Such questions help you determine whether you should invest on any or all of Google SEM, Google P-Max, Google Local Campaign, Google UAC, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or LinkedIn.

Is your Budget split optimally across all the Channels? And does your Media Plan ensure a good progression and balance between all the Funnel Phases?


You should not expect Conversions if not enough effort was spent on Awareness and Consideration. How to tell if enough Awareness has been done?

A good Strategy allocates the right Budget to each Channel for each Phase of your Business’s Evolution. Some Channels are more effective for Awareness, others for Consideration and others for Conversion. What is the right mixture of Channels and their Budgets for each Phase?

Are you tracking all the important Events on your Website?


Tracking the right Events on your Website is crucial.

This allows you to let each Platform such as Google, Meta, Snapchat or TikTok optimize for your Conversions using their Algorithm.

Events can be tracked using Google Tag Manager, then these events should be sent to Google and Social Platforms as well as Google Analytics.

Are you Monitoring the right KPIs on your Dashboard? And do you have Benchmarks to guide you?


For each Objective, there is a set of KPIs to Monitor. This is what Campaigns Optimization will be based on.

For Reach: CPM, Reach and Frequency should be monitored, for Traffic: CPC and CTR, for Conversion: Conversion Rate, Cost Per Conversion and ROAS.

These are just basic examples.

Have you established Benchmarks for each Metric in order to evaluate your success?

Are you suffering from a low CTR and Conversion Rate?


Does your Ads Messaging provide value to Users?

Are you balancing Informative and Educational Creatives with Transactional ones? Or do you bombard Users with Products and Offers all the time?

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